It is not helpless

It is not helpless However the kid starts being formed as the full personality soon.

It is not helpless and passive any more, and if has any violations, it is necessary to watch closely very much it and to note the slightest signs of that he already listens and observes.

Since then the first rehearsals of the family relations begin.

He already learns you and the world!

Relationship changes It is very fashionable to argue on development of the child, to emphasize its importance but very few people speak about not less essential party of relationship about formation of parents.

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Formation The pictures for development of the speech offered in annexes to a grant need to be cut on dashed lines and for convenience to spread out in boxes or envelopes.

Formation of prerequisites for development of the active speech, activization, improvement of the dictionary, grammatical correct phrases and the coherent speech it is conditional: development of the active speech.

The first step in development of the active speech of the child formation of the positive and emotional relation of the child to occupations and activization of his voice and lepetny activity.

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Anything When affairs in the market send everything worse and all lost money, mother came to me and the sister and told that we will become beggars soon.

She started saying that we lose the house, us will deprive of the rights for the mortgage, and all of us will begin to live in the oneroom apartment.

Anything of that kind did not occur, but we needed time to understand it.

I terribly was angry with it because it fine frightened us practically there are nothing.

Jason, years, Valland, Tennessee.

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The major

The major Small motility and coordination of eyes hands At this stage the child masters the isolated movements of fingers of hands, they allow it to investigate subjects fingertips, to stick into them with a forefinger.

The major role in the thin movements is got big and index by fingers: them the kid takes small subjects and studies them.

However thus that the thin movements became more perfect, it is correct to put subjects the child is not capable yet: before unclenching a hand, it presses a subject to a firm surface.

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The whole

The whole Many children with a cerebral palsy will never learn to speak but if the kid can answer us even if in the language, yes or no, the similar answer can quite become a basis for communication.

The whole chapter of the book is devoted to alternative auxiliary ways of communication.

Unfortunately, now the supportive technical means helping the child with violations in development to communicate with people around, in Russia are practically absent.

But after all you, parents, can make a lot of things to design such individual system for the kid.

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